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Founded in 1995, Anandam Trust has made significant strides in giving back to society. In 2003, it established "Anandam," a Free Home for Senior Citizens, which has since grown into a sprawling facility spanning 24,000 sq. ft. and accommodating 110 elders. Through the dedication of its management and the generosity of donors & blessings from Almighty, Anandam Trust has evolved to offer not just shelter, but also modern amenities to enhance the residents' quality of life.


Beyond elder care, the Trust has diversified its services to address various societal needs. It provides free educational support to underprivileged students, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder their access to education. Additionally, Anandam Trust offers quality medical care at no cost to those from disadvantaged backgrounds, promoting health equity within the community. The Trust expanded towards providing specialized education free of cost to children with learning disabilities. By catering to the unique needs of these children, Anandam Trust strives to create an environment where every individual can thrive academically and personally.

Furthermore, the establishment of a Goshala near Thirukondayur showcases Anandam Trust's holistic approach to community welfare, extending its care to animals as well.

Our Team

Trustees: The management of all our activities is overseen by our Managing Trustee, who is supported by an able team of committed Trustees in administration, strategy planning, liaison with donors and government agencies, resource mobilization, project planning and implementation.

  • Ms. Bhageerathy RamamoorthyManaging Trustee

  • Mr. K Narayanan Trustee

  • Mr. R RajkumarTrustee

  • Prof. Anand Jagadeesan Trustee

  • Mr. S. RamamoorthyTrustee


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Free Medical Care Centre 


Hari Goshala


Comfort Care Unit


Palliative Care Centre
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What our patrons have to say...

“I have been associated with Anandam Trust for over 5 years in various ways and it gives me great pleasure to share my views.

Anandam has been driven by the passion and commitment of the founder and the trustees and it is an outstanding example of how much a few people can accomplish with nothing more than passion and drive.

Their services are rendered with compassion, care and integrity. Whether it is the old age home, education or medical services, the quality of their care and facilities, their treatment of everyone like family and the camaraderie you sense when you interact with anyone associated with them stand testimony to the values on which Anandam is founded.I sincerely wish and pray that they continue to get adequate support to grow and extend their caring hands to a much greater extent than they do now.”

Vasan Sampath (President CRM, Lister Technologies)

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