Anandam Hari Goshala

Anandam has started A Goshala in the name and style of ANANDAM HARI GOSHALA, at Ambattur from February 2021, in a 2 grounds land with small house. For expansion purposes, we have acquired 2.5 acres of Farmland at the outskirts of Chennai at Melkondayur (7 kilometres from Thirunindravur). Here we are planning to build 4 Goshalas of 6000 square feet each and each Goshala can accommodate 80 cows/ calves. We have completed one Goshala. Now, we have 12 cows and calves at Lennin Nagar and 80 cows, calves, and bulls at Melkondayur. Every day the Cows are provided with fodder, danyams, grass, hay, etc. A veterinary doctor is visiting every fortnight and check the health conditions of cows and calves. You can be part of this noble cause by donating to any of the schemes listed.

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Yearly medical expenses for one cow & calf 2,000
Maintenance for a cow and calf per month 5,000
Godhanam (Cow with Calf) 1,00,000
Maintenance of Goshala per month 3,00,000
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