Anandam is a Charitable Trust registered in the year 1995 for the cause of serving the needy and deserving strata of the society. In the year 2003, we started Anandam, a free Home for Senior citizens, for elders who have no living children and no source of income. We began with 3 elders in a house at Lenin Nagar, Ambattur which was offered free of rent by a benevolent couple. We now have 105 elders with us in our own building of 24,000 sqft. at Kallikuppam, Ambattur.

As part of our second initiative, Anandam Educational Assistance, we provide free tuition classes after school hours and financial assistance to 250 neighbourhood needy children. Anandam Medical Care Centre is our third initiative through which we provide medical consultation, medicines and basic lab facilities free of cost to the 1.5 Lakh population from the 20 neighbouring villages. 

Our most recent initiative is the Anandam Learning Centre which provides special education to children with learning difficulties. We have 47 students learning with us under this programme for which we have tied up with VExcel for technical support.


@ ANANDAM - A Profile

  • Anandam provides free shelter, food and care to elders.
  • The residents have no children and no source of income.
  • There are 105 residents, 75 female & 30 male members
  • All residents are in the age group 60 - 100

Vision :: "Provide Security, Stability, Serenity & Spirituality to the residents of Anandam"

Mission :: "Help the Residents lead a blissful life providing quality life style with utmost care and love"



From the 250 students at Anandam Education Centre, we have identified 47 students who have learning difficulties such as slow learning, dyslexia, autism, etc. 

Private schools for such students are very expensive. These students who come from families with single parent, father who is an alcoholic or children living with grandparents ( no surviving parents) are not able to afford such expensive education. These students are either looked down upon or drop out of schools unable to cope up with the standards. 

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Anandam Old Age Home

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Anandam Medical Care Center

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Anandam Educational Assistance

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Anandam Old Age Home

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