When Elders  do not have any living children to take care of and no source of income or savings, often their survival itself is a question mark except their WILL to survive. Anandam a Old Age Home was born on 15.02.2003 extended their arms to take care of them.

Anandam was born on a small house offered totally free by a kind hearted couple to Mrs Bhageerathy Ramamurthy and her friends to start this Free Home in Ambattur in the suburbs of Chennai with just 3 elders.

Subsequent events lead Anandam to purchase 15 grounds of land at Gangai Nagar, Kallikuppam, Ambattur and built an imposing structure of 24,000 sq.ft of building.  Presently we have  101 elders (Females 73 and Males 28) who lead a Blissful life as one big family and they call it their Home.

Anandam provides accommodation for these seniors with comforts like cots, mattresses, fans, solar water heaters, refrigerators, colour television, wet grinder and much more. All these item were donated by good Samaritans who believe in our cause.
A day at Anandam starts with a cup of brewed coffee, followed by rice gruel. Then during lunch, all seniors are provided with a vegetarian lunch which is then followed by a short afternoon siesta. Coffee/tea and biscuits are served later in the afternoon and dinner follows. All the residents are provided with a comprehensive medical check up prior to admission at Dr. Rangarajan Memorial Hospital (M/s. Sundaram Medical Foundation) Post admission their health is taken care of by qualified Resident Physicians & nurses, other visiting Psychiatrist, Homeopath / Ayurvedic Doctors, Specialists, Reiki masters, Acupuncturists, Dental / Eye care specialists. All these services are provided free of cost.

Care and affection also is a large part of Anandam’s philosophy. On a regular basis, this is provided by well-wishers and daily visits by the Trustees of Anandam. The loving and tender care of these visitors always bring smiles to the faces of the elders who would otherwise be on the brink of despair and dejection. Anandam means joy and tranquility and they prove that beyond doubt.

The present functioning of the home has attracted support from many well-wishers around the world, with regular contributions coming towards meeting daily food and other expenses. The message has spread about the excellent functioning of this home and has attracted enquiries for accommodation from nearly 80 needy elderly people. Well-wishers from India and abroad have come forward to offer their mite.

Anandam Home is built totally on green concept

    • Tiled structure, full anti skid flooring with Ramps and railings wherever necessary for the safety of our elders.

    • Solar water heater supplying hot water to our seniors,

    •  we have a fully functional industrial kitchen with piped gas supply to cook food for 300 people in just one hour.

    • Each room has about 600 sqft designed nicely to accommodate 8 elders with  2 private attached bath and toilets.

    • Every elder is provided with a nice steel cot with excellent quality mattress. They are provided toiletries on a monthly basis with 4 – 5 sets  of  new dresses on different occasions every year.

    • True to the name Anandam ( Tranquility ) their lives are enriched here with a huge prayer hall ( 150 seating capacity) where regular prayers , musical offerings,  discourses, dance performances, meditation , yoga sessions are conducted.

    • We have two entertainment Rooms where the elders watch TV programmes

    • a fully functional physiotherapy room,

    • an elegant library

    • vocational training centres for the residents and needy poor villagers who reside in the nearby settlements

    All elders when admitted in to Anandam they go through a complete medical check up at Dr. Rangarajan Memorial Hospital (Sundaram Medical Foundations) , totally done free by the foundations and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts, to assess their physical health and  their mental health is analyzed by our Hon Medical Director and team.

    Once they are in to Anandam they are our parents and we take care of them. All the work in Anandam are shared by dedicated teams of Residents ( self help groups) who offer their might as their health permits. Some cut vegetables, some help dish washing, some do farming of vegetables, some help to keep the premises neat and clean.


    We love to have you with us and we promise you would not have experienced anything like this before.

    If you wish to contribute to Anandam, you can sponsor birthdays, wedding days, other events and also remembrance of departed loved ones.

    Vision :: "Provide Security, Stability, Serenity & Spirituality to the residents of Anandam"

    Mission :: "Help the Residents lead a blissful life providing quality life style with utmost care and love"