Anandam - At a Glance

Anandam means joy and tranquility and our home proves this beyond doubt. Presently we have 105 elders (75 ladies and 30 gents) who have no living children and no source of income, leading a blissful life as one big family making Anandam their home. Anandam provides accommodation for these seniors with all necessary comforts like cots, mattresses, fans, solar water heaters, refrigerators, television, wet grinder and much more. The elders are also given 4-5 sets of new clothes every year and necessary toiletries are provided to them on a monthly basis. All these items were donated by good Samaritans who believe in our cause. Anandam is built totally on a green concept conscious to our environment.

All elders, prior to admission, go through a comprehensive medical check up done free of cost by Dr. Rangarajan Memorial Hospital (Sundaram Medical Foundations). Post admission their health is taken care of by qualified physicians, physiotherapist & nurses, psychiatrist, homeopathy / ayurvedic doctors, acupuncturist and dental / eye care specialists. All these services are provided free of cost.

A Day at Anandam

The day starts with a cup of brewed coffee, followed by rice porridge. Vegetarian lunch is prepared and served by our own elders and this is followed by a short afternoon siesta. Coffee/tea and biscuits are served later in the afternoon and dinner follows.

Each of the elders help in taking care of the home in their own capacities; Some help in cutting vegetables, washing vessels, managing the kitchen garden, sweeping, mopping, etc. We encourage the talent of all our elders and hence have regular music classes, dance classes, yoga classes, tailoring and art work classes for them. 

Every month regular music concerts, dance performances, discourses, etc are conducted to entertain our elders. All festivities like Navarathri, Diwali, Pongal, Mother's day, elder's day, etc are conducted in a grand scale.

Support from well-wishers

On a regular basis, well-wishers celebrate their special dates and honour the remembrance dates of their loved ones at Anandam by sponsoring for lunch/dinner. The 105 inmates together pray for the well-being of the family of the sponsor on that day.

All the day to day expenses including medical expenses are taken care through the donations made by our donors and well-wishers. Our donors and well-wishers have been the strength and backbone right from our inception. 


We invite all our readers to visit us and spend the day with our elders.

If you wish to contribute to Anandam, you can sponsor birthdays, wedding days, other events and remembrance of departed loved ones.