Dormitory Halls-12 Nos

Each dormitory Hall is of 600 sq .ft in area to accommodate 8 elders. We have provided steel cots, mattress, fan, solar heated water in the bath room and 2 attached western toilets, cupboard to keep belongings and non skid tiles and grab rails and bath rooms are provided with magnetic door closers with no bolt / latch inside.



Modern kitchen with steam cooking system , convenient store room with all shelves laid with tiles for easy cleaning and we plan to provide deep freezer,vegetable racks in addition to fridges.Hygenic vegetarian food is prepared and served.Area 1200 sq.ft.


Dining Hall

Spacious dining hall with tables and chairs to seat 100 with state of the art washing facilities ,RO system for safe drinking water,water dispenser with hot/cold arrangements very good ambience.Area 1200 sq.ft.


Visitors Lounge

Visitors to the Home and persons coming to meet the inmates will be entertained here and visitors will be conducted by authorized persons around the home.Area 700 sq.ft.


Physiotherapy Room

Elders are prone to small aches and pains and to relieve them of this  this room will be helpful. This has been provided with a good variety of equipment/gadgets and a qualified physiotherapist is coming 3 days in a week to impart required treatment.Area 250 sq.ft.


Medical Blocks

Two medical care rooms have been built one for transitory treatment and the other for longer treatment with 24 hrs.nursing care with adjustable hospital cots with water beds.
Needed equipment will be procured once this is put to use. Area 1100 sq.ft. each.

Convenience of a ramp for elders need not to be emphasized. Ramp provides an easy access by wheel chair / stretcher and we have provided each dormitory with a wheel chair.

Adminitrative block consists of a room for office ,meeting room for Trustees, counseling room and toilet facilities. Area 700 sq.ft.


Prayer Hall

One of most elegant buildings in the complex is the Prayer Hall. This is octagonal in shape and with pyramid type of roof. It can be used by about 200 persons at a time with an adjustable stage. Area 1160 sq.ft.


We have one library room each in the ground and first floor   with books and magazines donated by well wishers in English and Vernacular  and three news papers in Tamil and one in English.These two rooms are to be provided with large plasma TV and facility like Home theatre. Provision has been made in every dormitory room to have piped music.Small games like carroms and snakes and ladders are to be provided.Area 700 sq.ft in each floor.


Medical Facilities: Crucial area in the care of elders is medical care. We have visiting doctors to attend to immediate treatment for ailments. We have tie up with Sir Ivan Steadford Hospital, Sundaram Medical Foundation and Hindu Mission Hospital, Tambaram and Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Hospital, Porur to take care of medical needs. We have been fortunate that the Kalaignar Kappittu Thittam of Govt. of Tamilnadu has been extended to our inmates. We have an Ambulance of our own

ADMISSION PROCEDURE: This is a long process to eliminate ineligible persons.We require a letter in writing by the prospective inmate indicating his/her/their willingness to join Anandam.On the preliminary information that these persons have no living children and no source of income we after a meeting of the  Trustees call for a personal meeting with the individual/s. We look for whether these persons are able to do their daily chores, & make discreet enquiries to confirm that these persons have no living children. A letter is given to Sundaram Medical Foundation requesting them to give a complete medical check up to rule out major problems. Then only our admission form is filled in with two witnesses that the information given is true and admitted and bed allotted (one witness should be known to the Trust .)
LAST RITES: As our inmates have no living children last rites are also performed by us in collaboration with a like minded organization. We get a consent for this and for donation of the eyes also. So far, 27 pairs of eyes have been donated.
We have performed last rites for 12 persons.