It has been the endeavour of Anandam to support education of the first generation students of local needy neighbourhood people. We have been supporting them to a limited extent by extending financial help through the Trustees and well wishers. This initiative was very well received by the parents and their wards in the nearby areas and we were flooded with requests to help the children.

To make this effort as an extended service of Anandam, tuitions were arranged to needy children from the nearby areas for class 1 to class 12 through seven eachers including our residents who were teachers earlier on a voluntary basis. 150 students have already been enrolled for this academic year under this EDUCATIONAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM and tution / Class rooms have been built to facilitate. ANANDAM is providing Educational Assistance Fund of Rs. 5000 per student per annum. 10 of our residents and 12 teachers from outside on a small remuneration.

We provide nutritional drink and snacks as soon as they come back from school prior to their tuition classes. We also offer personality development programmes to them and conduct various competitions. We provide new stitched clothes for Deepavali and one set of school uniform every year.


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